What if we were to tell you there’s a way you can find more peace in
your current career and family life?

An opportunity to alleviate the emotional, mental, and physical
fatigue that constantly plagues most high-achieving women…

An outlet where you can verbalize the challenges you’re going
through, so you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel..

A place where you will have the backing of other like-minded women,
who want to help you bring your ideas into action…

Without feeling like you’re being judged or a failure.

Sound exciting?

We absolutely love watching women go from lacking confidence
and strength, to building resilience to consistently crush their goals.

That’s why we created The Burnout Prevention Project.

Our Team

Hey there! My name is Kelsey Buell, and I am the founder of The Burnout Prevention Project. I created this new initiative, because I wanted to build something larger than myself. I wanted to grow a speaking business without having to be the only face for it. I wanted to make an impact on as many women as possible.

I never feel I’m doing enough and I hate that most other women feel that way too. Women deserve to feel they are “doing enough.”

Hi! My name is Grace Lange, and I am the Creative Content Strategist for The Burnout Prevention Project! I am a part of this team, because I want to make a difference and become a mentor to women across the world. I want women to feel like it’s okay to have off days and okay to take a break.

I always take on way more than I can handle and struggle with finding my worth in my work. We are more than the work we do, and I want everyone to realize that.

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