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Don’t miss your flight!

I LOVE to travel. Whenever we get the chance, my husband and I always take time to get out of town. Especially living in the cold tundra of Fargo, ND.


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions… 

Then I have to make the little decisions like what to wear each day, what to eat for every meal, what to spend my money on, what people I want to spend my time with… WE ARE CONSTANTLY MAKING DECISIONS… and I was going crazy. 

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Seek Alignment by Leaning into Your Values

Grace and I (Kelsey 🙂 are excited to introduce you to someone who always shines a light into our personal and professional lives, Drew Sannes. Drew works for Light Consulting and shares on the importance of leaning into your values in order to find alignment. Drew’s word for the year is “alignment”. Do you have a word for the year?

Multi-Passionate = Mega Success

I grew up in a small town, and everyone played at least 2 sports and sometimes even three. There was an opportunity for everyone to get involved with anything they really wanted to, even if they weren’t the best. 

Are you feeling seasick?

The waves were SO BIG that the second I caught a glimpse of the horizon line, it was being blocked by a large swell.
We felt so sick, we ended up having to turn the boat around early and cut our fishing trip in half. I was so disappointed, and I felt like we had failed and also wasted our money

How I Found Peace in My Work

attention, to societal pressures beaten into our heads at every turn, we’re constantly bombarded from every direction with bids for our attention and time. We’re not accustomed to experiencing peace.

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It Can Wait

Before diving in, we have some pretty big news… If you haven’t already heard, I am expecting a baby!!!!! Holy guacamole!
Talk about something that will knock you off your feet and really get you thinking about what’s important in life…


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